PRODUCT:TERRASOL FCC CAS Number: 18368-91-7 FEMA Number: 3491 Odour Description: An extremely powerful earthy, ambergris odor with a patchouli top note. Fragrance Application: Imparts a powerful and diffusive ambery character with undertones of patchouli and oakmoss, which blend extremely well with oriental compositions. At a very small dosage, Terrasol is found to boost the naturalness of the following Essential Oils: : Cardamom Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Elemi Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sandalwood Oil India, Rose Oil, Patchouli Oil

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PRODUCT: e,z-2,6-NONADIENOL FCC CAS Number:     28069-72-9 FEMA Number: 2780 Odour Description: Cucumber, melon or fresh violet-leaf odor in dilution Flavor Application: Very good for melon, cucumber, strawberry, green apple, and other fruit flavors. Also good for mushroom. Fragrance Application: Powerful, green, apple, and melon. Fatty cucumber peel in high dilution.

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Product Name: 2-DODECENAL (HIGH TRANS) FCC CAS Number: 20407-84-5 FEMA Number: 2402 Odour Description: An aldehydic, waxy, citrus character similar to mandarin orange with herbal nuances. Fragrance Application: Use as a top note to achieve a fresh, clean mandarin fragrance, waxy effect Flavor Application: Citrus flavors, specifically orange and tangerine. Excellent for cilantro and similar herbal-type flavors. Can also be used to impart fatty notes of melon and cucumber.

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